Director Marvin Kren hunts for a serial killer with Sigmund Freud

27.02.2017 | Kunde: Satel Film and Bavaria Film | Ressort: Media / TV / International | Press Release

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The Austrian-German high end drama series “Freud” is internationally in great demand: After the Berlinale the creators of the series have been invited to Paris to feature on “Series Mania”, the most important TV series festival worldwide. Marvin Kren (amongst other: “4 Blocks”, “Mordkommission Berlin 1”) will be the director of the series. The shoot is expected to start in 2018.

Geiselgasteig/Vienna/Berlin - the innovative film maker Marvin Kren will be the director of the crime series ‘Freud’ developed by Bavaria Fernsehproduktion and Satel Film. Moreover he will join the series as co-creator. Kren, originally from Austria, recently directed the mafia series ‘4 Blocks’ successfully celebrating its world premiere at the Berlinale.

Moritz Polter (Bavaria Fernsehproduktion) and Heinrich Ambrosch (Satel Film), the executive producers of the series ‘Freud’: “Marvin created with‘4 Blocks’, a gangster series taking place in Berlin, an authentic and visually stunning piece of work. This forceful and intense narrative style is very new to German television. It’s precisely this dynamic style and narrative power that we want for the series ‘Freud’.”

Marvin Kren: “I more or less grew up underneath Sigmund Freud’s original sofa, meaning: in the same district in Vienna where he had his office. The difference: When I was born the world already profited from Sigmund Freud’s groundbreaking discoveries for almost a century. We, the modern human beings, live in post-Freudian times. It is very appealing and challenging for me to imagine a world in this series in which the ‘self’ was just a blind spot on the map of cognition, a world that hasn’t seen Sigmund Freud yet. I would like to immerge with ‘Freud’ into Vienna’s dark alleys before the turn of the century, to discover the reflection of the labyrinth of the human soul inspiring his life’s work. Abysmal, dubious and dangerous!“

The series tells the story of the young psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud in Vienna of 1886. Freud’s revolutionary theories encounter opposition of his colleagues and the society. It is exactly at that moment that he, supported by the war veteran and police officer László Kiss and the medium Fleur Salomé, engages in a nerve-wracking chase after a mysterious serial killer.

The German-Austrian co-production ‘Freud’ recently featured on the ‘CoPro Series’-pitch at the Berlinale as the only German speaking production of a total of seven international projects. Selected film makers present international series co-productions to potential financers and cooperation partners. After the pitch ‘Freud’ was selected for the ‘Series Mania Co-Production Forum’ in Paris, Europe’s biggest festival for TV-Series. From the 18th to the 21st of April 2017 the crime series will be presented to the most important international key players of the TV business.

Apart from the executive producers Moritz Polter, Bavaria Fernsehproduktion, and Heinrich Ambrosch, Satel Film, as well as director Marvin Kren the scriptwriters Stefan Brunner (among others ‘Tatort’, ‘Soko Wien’) and Benjamin Hessler (among others ‘Mordkommission Berlin’, ‘Das goldene Ufer’) are certain to be on board. The project is funded by the Film Fund Vienna and Creative Europe MEDIA.

About Bavaria Fernsehproduktion

Bavaria Fernsehproduktion is one of the largest and most successful German production companies, with a vast portfolio of popular fictional productions. One example is “Sturm der Liebe”, which is well known as being one of, if not the most successful of European series. Being sold to over 20 European countries, it is the only non-English speaking production to be listed in the top 10 of the most successful worldwide serial formats in 2012. Bavaria Fernsehproduktion is based in Munich and has subsidiaries in Cologne, Berlin and Stuttgart. The company is an affiliate of Bavaria Film and ZDF Enterprises. The studio has garnered numerous awards, including two International Emmy® Awards: for “Die Manns - Ein Jahrhundertroman” and “Mein Vater”. The feature film “Das Boot”, directed by Wolfgang Petersen, garnered six Oscar nominations and one Golden Globe nomination.

About SATEL Film

SATEL Film GmbH (founded in 1971) is one of the most important film production companies in Austria, based in Vienna. Apart from feature films for cinema and TV, the company mostly produces TV series and documentaries. The most renowned productions are amongst other “Kottan ermittelt”, “Die Toten von Salzburg”, “Schlosshotel Orth”, “Piefke Saga” and the crime series “SOKO Donau”.  Heinrich Ambrosch is managing partner of SATEL Film GmbH and the president of the Austrian film producers association (AAFP).

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